Monday, August 1, 2011

Pizza, the most attractive dish across the world.


Pizza, a kind of favorite fast food across the world, is an oven-baked, flat, disc-shaped bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings. Originating in Italy, from the Neapolitan cuisine, the word "Pizza" was first recorded in a Latin text from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD, which claims that a tenant of certain property is to give the bishop of Gaeta 'duodecim pizze', "twelve pizzas", every Christmas day, and another twelve every Easter Sunday.

An establishment that makes and sells pizzas is called a "pizzeria". Pizza is one of the national foods of Italy and the Italian people. The man who invented Pizza first is a chef named Raffaele Esposito in 1889. Esposito who owned a restaurant called the Pizzeria di Pietro baked what he called "pizza" especially for the visit of Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita.

Excepting Italian pizza, there are Australian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Korean, Pakistani, Nepalease, Israeli, American, Swedish pizza etc. The varieties of pizza are California-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Detroit-style pizza, Greek pizza, Hawaiian pizza, Mexican pizza, New Haven-style pizza, New York-style pizza, Pastrmajlija, Pizza al taglio, Sicilian pizza, Tomato pie and St. Louis-style pizza.

There are also frozen and ready-to-bake pizzas. The dish is so favorite that hundreds of firms related to food business produce and deliver pizza at home (door to door). Pizza Hut is the most renowned organization which has business around the world. Domino's Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Eagle Boys Pizza, Papa Murphy's pizza etc are some other pizza home delivery companies. They allow orders both over phone and vie online.

Pizza is so adored that festival like Long Island Pizza Festival & Bake-Off and World Pizza Championship are arranged annually in New York and Italy respectively.

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